How to Attract The Talent You Need

Robert Glass
Apr 2023

Attracting, engaging, and screening candidates for a specific position could be time-consuming and challenging.

In this article, we'll talk about how sourcing helps us to effectively and efficiently locate strong candidates while reducing operational costs, how to approach top talent, and what sourcing is in general.

What is sourcing anyways?

The sourcing industry has developed tremendously in the past ten years. It has gone through many ups and downs and is defined differently by any company according to that company's needs. 

When thinking about sourcing, it's identical to sports scouting.

You could define it in a few steps:

  • Finding the most vital talent that is right for your company.
  • Approaching and engaging correctly.
  • Post-engagement process.

Sourcing is an essential part of the recruitment process that provides you with reduced hiring risk; it Saves you time and money on interviewing irrelevant candidates; it is a precision and strategic approach to identifying, sorting, and attracting highly professional and capable talent and gaining control of your talent acquisition process.

Below, we will discuss best practices and different methodologies for approaching and conducting successful sourcing.

How to find the talent that is right for you?

Finding the right talent is a complex process - from defining the position you wish to fill to finding the right talent.

The first thing you must check is defining availability/mapping the talent pool - how many talents are available in your geographic area. Mapping will place you on your first strategic step and show you how hard it will be to fill a specific position. It will give you an idea of salary expectations, an estimation of how long it should take to fill a particular job, and consider using outsourcing, headhunters, and similar services.

This type of scouting is done on social media platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter by searching for titles, hashtags, comments, and posts.

The next step in finding your perfect hire is defining who will be your ideal candidate - from experience, specific qualities, soft and hard skills, and industry background and matching it with the existing talent pool you've identified earlier. Creating this candidate avatar will show you whether you can bring local talent, outsource, or be willing to look at relocating from abroad.

What is the best way to engage with potential candidates?

So you found your ideal SEO specialist, VP of Engineering, or Sales Team Leader on Linkedin. What comes next?

Before outreaching your ideal candidate, you must carefully design your messaging. Coming up with your messaging strategy has a lot to do with your company's brand - is it well-known or not existing at all? If it is well known, your approach will rely on something other than selling the company, but more on the team, the position itself, and professional development.

If your brand is not so well known, it is a different ball game, and you will need to highlight your company, explain what you do, and deliver a tempting value proposition and position offer.

How will you articulate yourself when making the initial contact? Will you be formal or casual?

Perhaps you should tell the person  -" I've been waiting a long time to write to you, and now I have a fantastic opportunity…." The tremendous opportunity is the "Why" they should consider your proposal.

Try and test different approaches until you find the one that works best for you, and always remember to add a personal touch. Remember - you only get to have one first impression:)

In conclusion, sourcing is a crucial part of the recruitment process that can help identify and attract talented individuals while reducing hiring risks and saving time and money. Working with recruitment agencies provides a strategic and precise approach to finding the right talent, making the recruitment process more efficient and effective.

Feel free to reach out and see how 925 can help you fill those empty positions.

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