10 Reasons Why You Should and Shouldn't Hire Remotely 2024

Nika Matiashvili
Feb 2024

Are you tired of dealing with office politics? Remote work is the perfect solution for you! Not only does it offer flexibility and access to top talent, but it also allows you to avoid all the distracting drama of the office. But, let’s be real, remote work also comes with challenges. We’ll explore the sunny side and the occasional dark side of hiring remotely. So grab your coffee or green smoothie, and let’s get started!

5 Pros That Will Make You Happy

Remote Work Opens a 10x Bigger Talent Pool

Remote work

Recruiting remotely allows you to overcome the limitations of time and travel that come with traditional recruitment. You can connect with qualified candidates from anywhere, anytime, and build a diverse and truly global team. You can attract exceptional candidates from various locations, whether they’re soaking up the sun on a beach or navigating a busy city. You no longer have to settle for mediocre candidates just because they happen to line nearby. Instead, you can hire the best of the best regardless of their location. 

Think of it like this: You’re not just shopping at the corner store anymore. You’re browsing the aisles of a galactic hypermarket overflowing with diverse skills and experiences.

Go Remote, Budget Heroes!

Office rent? Overrated. Fancy coffee machines? Pass. Ditch the physical overhead and watch your savings soar like a SpaceX rocket. Remote work cuts costs like a ninja chef slicing carrots. Picture blissful employees in their lucky car slippers, sipping homemade lattes and crushing goals without the financial hangovers of a traditional office.

Do you want to know where the money is being saved? -Let’s see

  • You can adjust your salaries based on the cost of living in a particular country. Imagine hiring a coding genius from Vietnam or a marketing guru from Argentina at a fraction of the cost compared to your local market.
  • You’ll save on taxes, insurance, and benefits if you hire contractors. Do you need a copywriter for a blog posting? Hire a remote freelancer and watch your budget.
  • You don’t go to furniture websites to order chairs and tables because your future talent member has already done so and those things are already in their house
  • Don’t think that you have to relocate your employee from one point of the earth to another in your company’s office. You will not spend money on ticket purchases, insurance, accommodation, and other unforeseen expenses.

Happy people, happy budgets, happy talent attraction - win, win, win!

Yoga, PJs, Zoom. Remote Work = Work-Life Balance

In the work-life situation, employees design their schedules around their lives, whether it’s taking a midday yoga class, attending a child’s school play, or simply starting their workday earlier or later to maximize productivity.

Remote employees save time and money on commuting, which they can use for personal pursuits, exercise, or simply getting more sleep. This translates to improved well-being and a better quality of life.

Happy employees mean happy company, and it’s no laughing matter. Think of HR as the conductor of this work-like harmony satisfied and balanced, the benefits for HR are a beautiful melody.

The main benefits for HR managers when employees have work-life balance are reduced stress and workload across the broad. Happy employees stay longer, engage more, and require less administrative support, freeing up HR focused on strategic initiatives and building a thriving work environment. 

We justified that Remote Work = Work-Life Balance

No More Clock-Watching, Results-driven Rockstars

Remote work can unlock the potential of each team member by allowing them to design their workflow and work according to their unique talents and rhythms. This attracts self-driven masters of their craft who take ownership of their goals and complete them on their terms. This approach empowers individuality, creates a culture of ownership, and draws in top talent who value this freedom.

Forget Happy Hours, Offer Flexibility

Forget ping-pong tables that gather dust faster than unused gym memberships. True employee value comes from offering flexibility as the ultimate perk. Let your team work when they’re most productive, whether at the crack of dawn or under the cover of night. Imagine attracting talent who prioritize flexibility and work-life balance, leading to a happier, more engaged workforce. Let’s contact us and talk about your remote work stories and maybe some epic pajama fashion tips 🙂

Let’s See 5 Challenges When Hiring Remotely

Lost In The Digital Wilderness

Pacman recruiting

You’ve hired a rockstar developer in the USA, but getting a quick question answered feels like sending Morse code across the Atlantic Ocean. Time zones, communication tools, and cultural nuances can turn simple interactions into hard expeditions. Misunderstandings breed like gremlins in server rooms, and collaboration becomes a game of digital Marco Polo.

Does Culture Exist Remotely

Building a strong company culture when your team is scattered across continents can feel like trying to knit a sweater with spaghetti. Awkward Zoom silences replace informal conversations. Keeping everyone on the same page about values and goals requires intentional effort, or your remote crew might feel like a collection of isolated islands instead of a cohesive archipelago.

Remote Staffs Engaged and Accountable

Remember that childhood friend who swore they’d finish their essay by morning, only to emerge from their PJs at noon with a caffeine-fueled grin and a half-written sentence? That’s kind of the vibe with managing remote accountability. Distractions abound in the home-office jungle from the siren song of the laundry pile to the Netflix rabbit hole that swallows entire afternoons. Keeping team members focused on track requires more than just stern email.

You need clear communication channels, regular performance check-in, and a healthy dose of trust and empowerment. Otherwise, you will be with a team of digital nomads wandering the productivity desert with tumbleweeds rolling at their heels.

Remote Work, Big Dreams, Bigger Data Protection Challenges

With employees accessing sensitive data from their cozy PJs, security concerns become a highest-alarm fire in the remote work landscape. Data branches can feel like unwanted houseguests who just won’t leave, and compliance regulations dance a complicated jig across international borders. Robust security protocols, data encryption, and clear remote work policies become your best friends in this digital Wild West.

Tax Treaties and Time Zones

Imagine the administrative headache of wrangling payroll across diverse time zones and tax treaties that read like ancient scrolls. Calculating paychecks becomes a sudoku puzzle, and employee benefits morph into a logistical Rubik’s cube. Navigating legal and financial nuances in a remote world requires expert guidance and strategic partnerships, because all countries have different tax systems, or you might end up lost in a labyrinth of paperwork.


We have explored the sunny side and occasional rainstorm of remote work, leaving you with one burning question: Should you dive headfirst into this pajama-clad paradise or stick to the familiar office grind?

Remote work is like a double-edged sword - full of potential but demanding careful handling.

Pros: You unlock a talent pool the size of a galactic hypermarket, slash office overhead like a ninja chef, and ditch the soul-crushing commute for yoga poses and homemade lattes. Plus, happy employees with flexible schedules can be productive rockstars.

Cons: Communication can become an expedition across digital oceans, company culture might feel like a game of remote Marco Polo, and keeping everyone focused can be trickier than wrapping toddlers at a candy store. Data security becomes a high-stakes poker game, and navigating legalities across time zones feels like deciphering ancient tax scrolls.

So, what’s the verdict?

Remote work can be a game-changer if you’re ready to embrace the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities. But remember, conquering this digital frontier requires the right tools and support.

That’s where we are!

Like your trusty Sherpa, we guide you through remote work in the Himalayas.

Ready to ditch the office drama and build a thriving remote team? Let’s grab a virtual coffee and chat about how we can make your remote work dreams a reality.

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